TV Radio Mirror
February 1957

Elisabeth Fraser: Beauty in all weather

Phil Silvers’ fetching WAC has a secret weapon for combating the ravages of wind and weather

By Mary Sherwood

The sprightly, bright-eyed blonde who tantalizes Sergeant Bilko in The Phil Silvers Show, “You’ll Never Get Rich,” is one fair-skinned girl who knows how to keep her complexion soft and supple . . . her hands unchapped and satiny . . . and her hairdo sleek through the windiest of winters.

Joan Hogan and Ernie betrothed—due to a gifts mix-up—in Bilko’s Engagement.

Elisabeth Fraser describes herself as “essentially an indoor type,” but she prefers the brisk, astringent atmosphere of her native New York to the balmy languor of Los Angeles and environs, where “the living’s too easy.” She’s also a busy type: Wife to a talented writer, star of stage, screen and TV, mother of three!

All this activity keeps “indoorsy” Elisabeth out and about in fair weather and foul—which is how she came to devise her personal formula for making beauty weatherproof.

“My secret weapon is really very simple,” she says. “I just make it a rule never to go out without my ‘windshields’!” She shields her face and throat with a thin, fragrant film of an emollient lotion designed to restore the youthful moisture to wind-dried skins. At night, she washes up with scads of creamy soapsuds, rinses her face in warm water, then cold, and finishes with an application of overnight cream—massaged in gently (to stimulate winter-slow circulation) till it almost disappears. Her complexion always has a clear, glowing, freshly- laundered look, even on blustery days.

Elisabeth provides her small, pretty hands with a double windshield of lotion, plus soft leather gloves—“I wear them invariably, whenever I go out, from September on.” She has a fondness for fine leather and was sheepishly pleased when her husband presented her with some extravagant gloves she’d admired in Italy—“not one pair but two dozen, all in different, delicious shades!”

Her close-cropped cornsilk hair (cut to conform to WAC regulations, for her role as M/Sgt. Joan Hogan), is weatherproof, too! Elisabeth often dashes out bare-headed (the Hollywood influence, perhaps) . . . but, before she sallies forth, she combs her casual waves into perfect alignment and then fixes them in place with scented hair-spray. Result: a well-coiffed “WAC” . . . and a wind-resistant woman!